Students of architecture delve into tribal culture and lifestyle

Students of architecture delve into tribal culture and lifestyle

Students of architecture delve into tribal culture and lifestyle:

Mumbai: Last December, a 37-member team comprising students and academics of SCMS college of design visited the social group hamlets of Wayanad to review the design.

Students of architecture delve into tribal culture and lifestyle

designs and engineering techniques utilized by the autochthonic population to create their homes. although within the starting, they primarily centered on the bailiwick aspects, later on, they determined to dig into the approach to life and culture of the tribes like Gowdas, Adiyas and Kattunayakans residing at Wayanad.
During their study, they knew varied sides concerning the social group settlements and determined that they must share it with the remainder of the planet. This eventual junction rectifier them to prepare a two-day exhibition titled ‘Gothrakkazcha,’ that began at room Hall room on Saturday.

“When we have a tendency to reached there, we have a tendency to came to understand concerning the made culture, traditions and customs followed by the social group communities, that we have a tendency to had ne’er discovered. we have a tendency to were lucky to check the normal housing within the social group hamlets that area unit decreasing in range because the government is building concrete homes for them. within the exhibition, we’ve created over twenty sheets concerning, however, the tribespeople build their home, as well as the materials they need using for the constructions, aforementioned Haritha G, United Nations agency player sketches of the homes of the Gowda social group communities.

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Apart from the fine arts and cultural aspects the exhibition focuses on the social aspects as well as family life and also the bond shared between the communities there.
A black and white photograph of a mother holding her kid shot by Blessy Francis, a freshman design student at SCMS, got rave reviews. “While we have a tendency to were visiting every home, I stumbled on various faces that were distinctive however after I saw a baby together with his mother I made a decision to require the image,” aforementioned Blessy.
Elsa Mary, a literature student, UN agency came to the picture gallery to envision the exhibition aforementioned that it absolutely was a very informative and enriching expertise.
“The sketches, portraits and pictures of the tribes that area unit on show at the gallery area unit given in much the way that one will simply perceive the historical, cultural, social and geographical aspects of the social group settlements in Wayanad at the primary glance itself,” aforementioned female parent.