A cure for Vertigo How to be Healed from Vertigo Health Fitness Testimony Tuesday

I’m Lucretia Metcalfe and I’m from Dallas Texas I’m from here
I came to For My Life because I totally lost my strength I’m a personal trainer
and health coach and I was running 40 miles a week and over a period of three
or four years I got to where I couldn’t even walk around the block so when I was
hit with onset vertigo too so that’s why I kind of you know still and walking
that out so I still kind of move a little bit but yeah that’s that’s
why because I totally lost my strength but I found that I lost my joy is why
I couldn’t go on trips I got to where I couldn’t even go to my step-daughters
soccer games because I couldn’t walk to the field and I was a personal trainer
and health coach so it was very humbling very humbling. All I knew was to be
healthy; I ate healthily…I mean I worked out I mean I did everything I was
supposed to do my way of thinking to have strength and
have a healthy life but that didn’t stop disease or syndromes from coming to me
I tried to do it on my own I had a relationship with the Lord and it was
like I was I didn’t realize how much I was striving and I didn’t know I didn’t
really have the Father’s love so I was just going on my own strength and me
believe that’s a part of the reason to why I lost my strength because I was
going on my own strength and your own strength will give out over time
My eyes are wide open and it’s so comforting to know that God’s Word is
true and that you can be healed divinely right supernaturally but you can also be
healed deep inside and that’s what I’m still discovering that’s what I’m still
walking out of is going to the hard places and really finding out why did I
believe what I believed and really anything that wasn’t of the Lord I mean
anything that wasn’t healthy didn’t come from the Lord didn’t come
from the Father so it’s just I’m 49 years old and all that’s being unraveled
what I thought was true and what discovering is true is like two
completely different things but what it’s done is brought God’s Word
to life and I was able to see that there is life in his word and there
weren’t just “words”
Get off the fence.
Get off the fence because being on the fence about having
your healing is – to me – is double-mindedness and you’ll never have freedom
you’ll never have real freedom and true health if you just stay on the fence so
I mean five days is…five days. It’s gonna pass no matter what so why not take that
for for your own healing and for your eternity