Owner of Plant City business shot and killed following an ongoing dispute, 2 others injured was

developments as we come on the air and
the shooting at a Plant City business
the owner died after a first opening fire
on two other men Gjm News
reporter Michael Haluska brought you
live coverage as this story was breaking
he joins us live tonight with a possible
motive and the victims violent past
Wendy Jameson investigators are still on
scene because they got a search warrant
to go into the office late tonight we’re
learning that the motive might have been
some tensions building between all of
these parties over the past several
weeks bliss enterprises in Plant City
was a crime scene late into the night an
hour before the business was set to
close 911 operators in Polk in
Hillsborough County started receiving
calls there was a shooting we’ve learned
richard bliss the owner of the company
that builds barns garages and sheds was
shot and killed there had been an
an ongoing dispute over being on this
property for the last several weeks
investigators say Bliss told the men
living on the property they had to leave
when they didn’t things escalated at
some point
deputies say Bliss pulled out a gun and
shot both men Mr. bliss was inside with
the two other individuals who had been
shot upon hearing the shooting a family
member came into the office and shot Mr.
glass the men deputies say Bliss shot
are both related we are told they are 44
and 45 years old it was their family
member that came to the office after
hearing the shots then shot bliss
according to court records, Bliss has a
violent past he’s been arrested multiple
times for crimes that include domestic
violence battery and aggravated assault
with a firearm a crime he spent nearly a
year in prison for
and at this point, it’s still not known
whether the person that shot bliss will
face any charges but we are told that
everyone is cooperating with law
enforcement we’re live here in Plant
City tonight
Michael Haluska Gjm News