About Us

What do I say about me! There is nothing like identifying me. Actually writing/writing something about yourself is a very difficult task, I think that no human in the world can give 100% accurate information about himself. Anyway, even though I have not said anything about it, so listen …..!

My name is Saifuddin Ali on the certificate, and my Aponjans call me Saifu, I feel like this name. I am a Muslim and believe in Allah and fear. My village is in Daspur thana of Midnapur district, but since my childhood, I grew up in the city of Mumbai. In the study, I am an ass student, but there is always the interest to learn new things.

I am a man as man: I do not have any faith in myself, lazy, inexhaustible, crazy, unstable and indifferent nature. My first fault/problem is that my anger is a little more. I do not know how to protect society, So as a human, I think of myself an antisocial one animal. Lying is one of my faults. I lie because of reasonless, But I do not always lie.

In fact, I get caught in the lie, because like the other ten, I can not make a good name by making a mess, so often I get caught due to falsehood … !!

I live alone for a whole day, stay in my room. There is no interest in talking to anyone. Awake at night, sleep during the day. I was still anti-social, I still have. There was no change in the situation. But it is true that anti-social people have to be away from society. My problem with the society, problems of the rest of the people. Because the life of living is not the only natural way to live my life. Not even with my parents. They are different. I am also like myself. What to do This situation has long since. The biggest thing I’ve heard in life is, “Be a man!” In the face of the parents, the face of friends, in the face of the teacher. Although no profit. I did not have the slightest interest to change myself.

I do not imitate anyone and do not follow. I was looking for myself, trying to find myself. In a word, I walk on my own path. Do whatever I want.

The purpose/purpose of my life:
There are very few students who did not write the essay on this subject in school. Certainly, someone wants to be a doctor, engineer, businessman, police officer, barrister, judge, player, pilot and some teachers etc. To tell the truth, I did not write anything like that. I used to memorize what seemed easy to memorize. And write that. But when I learned to understand from what I wanted to be, I thought that I would be an ideal politician, but it remained unexplained just as I did not dream about the political situation of the country.

Now there is no point in my life!

Some important things about me:
I love those who love me, too. I hate those who hate me. Those who seek me diligently, I do not even know. Those who want to harm me or harm me, I do not even leave them. I respect those who respect me.

This is roughly what I said at the beginning and I do not know much about it. I’m trying to know myself completely …. !!