8 Street Style Lessons From South Delhi Girls


It’s the primary weekday once the terribly agitated Amazon Asian nation Fashion Week and that wear sipping on our shrub tea, deciding the road vogue photos handed over by our artist. looks like there ar either South urban center|city|metropolis|urban center} women or aspiring South Delhi women. we tend to love each (Not really).

Since Guruma approves of all, we tend to are planning to act and share with you eight vogue lessons these fabulous women showed America on the Last Judgment of the style week.

1. A PJ pantsuit.

A PJ pantsuit

Basic pantsuits are for plebs. A typical south Old Delhi lady can solely be seen sporting a flowery PJ set as a pantsuit. This floral one on Kanika is thus glam, we’d raise Suneeta to urge one for us!

2. The almost-there jacket!

The almost-there jacket!

South Old Delhi women don’t want any jackets. As seen on Amrita, a barely there, essentially pieces-of-fabric-stuck-together ensemble is jacket enough for America.

3. animal skin or nothing.

animal skin or nothing.

It’s either an animal skin skirt or no skirt in any respect. build it midi; it’s stylish, rather like America.

4. Guruma stylish.

Guruma chic

When you’ve given up materialism, however, fashion keeps the line, you choose a white, vintage trying dress. If it’s vibrant polka dots, even higher. Don’t forget the ugly-until-Rihanna-wears-it, glasses with a series. solely a pure soul like Gauri will pull this off!

5. Cool shirt pants.

Cool kurta pyjama

Another Guruma takeaway, a cool set of kurta-pajama is way required this summer. Aashna finished hers with sneakers and Guruma’sashirvaad.

6. placed on a coat.

Put on a coat

#ShivohamShivoham God forbid, however, once you’re stuck in fashion crisis, you act and placed on the foremost fancy ass coat, lady!

7. father shirt.

Daddy shirt

Of course, don’t borrow your dad’s shirt. South Old Delhi women don’t borrow. the anomaly is that the new work thus acts and decide yourself an enormous (Read huge) shirt and threw it on. Also, if you’ve got associate degree extra-cool try of ripped jeans like Shima’s, raise Suneeta to urge them too.

8. “Cheetah ki print”

Cheetah ki print

Animal prints have invariably been an haute couture affair and nobody is aware of it higher than OG south Old Delhi women.