2018 Commonwealth Games: Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Is Confident Of The Three Table Tennis Gold Medals

2018 Commonwealth Games: Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Is Confident Of The Three Table Tennis Gold Medals

2018 Commonwealth Games: Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Is Confident Of The Three Table Tennis Gold Medals: Hello, Everyone Today I am will share some energizing certainties on the 2018 Commonwealth Games: Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Is Confident Of The Three Table Tennis Gold Medals

2018 Commonwealth Games: Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Is Confident Of The Three Table Tennis Gold Medals

The Indian table tennis unexpected who is gone to the year 2018 Commonwealth Games at a Gold Coast, Australia with its best squad and driving the charge is the 25-year-old Sathiyan Gnanasekaran. He is Ranking 49th on the planet; the Chennai-based paddler is India’s most solid option for not only a platform complete but rather gold in an individual and men’s duplicates with Achanta Sharath Kamal occasions.

Generally, Indian paddlers have done well at the Common Wealth Games since its commencement in the year 2002. Asserting a sum of the 12 decorations, yet the past version at the Glasgow which is demonstrating fairly forgettable with the nation’s count that is diminishing to only one award and silver in the men’s copies.

In any case, four years on, the Indian table tennis scene has changed radically, and Sathiyan trusts that the present squad has what it is taking to convey the products.

“We can get up to the five or six awards. We as a whole vibe that we are taking care of business and we have a great group,” says in a meeting. “We are extremely certain and will make this the best Commonwealth Games. Expectations are high.”

For a long, Sharath Kamal, who is World No. 71 has Indian table tennis’ banner conveyor, yet now, the nation has eight players in the best 100 and six in the senior men and two in high ladies. In the Under-21 rankings, there are likewise seven players that are two in men and five in ladies in the main 100 section.

Ward Games make a big appearance

For Sathiyan, who is a Youth Commonwealth Games gold medallist in the year 2008 – the year 2018 Common Wealth Games will, shockingly, his first major multi-wear occasion.

In the year 2010, he was positioned 6th among the Indians and in this manner passing up a major opportunity for the Common Wealth Games choice, and in the year 2014, he needs to pick his building examinations over the genius visits. Prior to the year 2016 Rio Olympics, he is experiencing a standout amongst the most horrible periods of his life, when he lost his dad.

The designing graduate is battling through the troublesome circumstances, and the accomplishment as takes after. “Losing my dad was extreme, however, that makes me more grounded, and I am settling on better choices now,” he says. “It is magnificent to going in for my introduction in the Common Wealth Games. I am high on the certainty as I have a decent positioning and I will seed high also.”

Sathiyan’s profession chart is soaring after he won the year 2016 Belgium Open that is just the second Indian player to win an ITTF singles occasion. At that point, in the year 2017 which is turned out to be a stellar year as he is guaranteeing bronze in Thailand, Belgium, Sweden and silver in Bulgaria and furthermore won the Spanish Open.

2017 was per year enormous for me. Belgium 2016 was near my heart, yet it was the Spanish Open win that is helping my certainty,” he says.

For his accomplishments in the year 2017, the 25-year-old was the beneficiary of the Mahindra Scorpio Times of India on the Table Tennis Player of the Year grant in February.

Ward Games trusts

2018 Commonwealth Games: Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Is Confident Of The Three Table Tennis Gold Medals

Scattering of an idea of the weight, Sathiyan is certain that he will come back with in excess of one decoration from the Gold Coast. “Three yellows, that is my lone point,” he says. “Indeed, there is a ton of the energy, however, I likewise realize that I ought not to take excessively weight. The Pressure is there, and individuals have a desire, yet I am focussing on playing an ordinary competition.”

There are a three others players who are positioning higher than him in the shred that is Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri, positioned 22, Singapore’s Gao Ning, 33, and England’s Paul Drinkhall, 46, however that does not stress him much.

“The Singles won’t be simple, with a great deal of the best players, however on any giving day, you play well, and there is each opportunity to beat them. All the three are extremely solid. Pitchford will likewise be unyielding, he is in the awesome shape. For me, Pitch and Aruna are the greatest contenders,” says Sathiyan.

Duplicates with Sharath

India has been searching for a steady men’s copies match for quite a while, and it appears they have at long last got one with Sathiyan collaborating with the veteran Sharath Kamal. The team is getting a charge out of accomplishment in achieving the quarter-finals of the Qatar Open, and that needs to raise the expectations of a decent appearing from the combine in Australia.

“In pairs, Sharath and I have been playing a considerable measure of expert visits and are playing together well. We set aside a ton of opportunity to settle down; we attempted a considerable measure of mixes. In duplicates, we have to see each other, as well as our amusement styles, need to suit each other as well. Thus, we are playing a great deal of competitions with an alternate accomplice. At long last, it comes down to us playing together,” says Sathiyan in regards to the affiliation.

He is keeping “Playing with the Sharath is an awesome opportunity. He is an amazing player with such a large amount of an ordeal, and things are substantially less demanding playing with him. He is available to the new thoughts, and that is a gigantic preferred standpoint. He makes you more agreeable, and we are playing together well.”

“We have beaten the English match of the Pitchford and Drinkhall twice a year ago, so gave us a great deal of certainty. They are outstanding amongst other combines the shred,” he includes.

Mishap of Soumyajit

Pave the way to the Games; the group is enduring a gigantic difficulty with the World no. 58 Soumyajit Ghosh who is pulled back from the squad attributable to the assault assertions and Sathiyan conceding this progression the group flow.

“Indeed, it is a major misfortune,” he says. “In the group occasion, he is one of the fundamental individuals. However, we should change our techniques. Sanil’s name needs to propose, however, there are many customs to done before he is joining the squad. Along these lines, we are trusting that it works out in time for him. What’s more, in the event that he isn’t there, we should play with only four individuals from the group.”

In this way, these are the focuses to portraying on The year 2018 Commonwealth Games Sathiyan Gnanasekaran is certain of the three Table Tennis gold decorations.

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