uh Wengie, what are you doing?
Oh I’m contouring my abs I’ll look good on Instagram
Uh, why don’t you just exercise?
That looks pretty good, right?
You’re weird.
Convincing six pack!
Hey, I thought you were doing exercise today?
I’m in my gym clothes don’t that count?
oh I’m doing a Netflix marathon
So tiring. Really really tiring stuff
Go away!
Kiss her! *inaudible screech* Kiss her!
If you’re like me, you probably look like a potato when you’re watching Netflix
And because you have nothing to occupy your hands,
you start eating
It’s like a double whammy
cause not only are you being super lazy,
you’re also eating on top of that.
Instead, set out an exercise mat wherever you watch TV or Netflix
and tell yourself you have to do something on the mat while you’re watching
It can be yoga, Pilates, or even some simple stretches
Little by little, you’ll either improve your
core strength or your flexibility with time
and you also cut down on snacks
have you ever been exercising and you’re lost in your own thoughts and suddenly snap back to find that you ran a crazy distance without realizing
when your mind’s distracted, you can run further with less effort
this is why I been downloading audiobooks from Audible and I’d like to thank Audible for partnering up with me for this video
for this video, I’ll of citizens audible
to Iran because not only is it a great
distraction ‘s an opportunity to learn
something new to improve your life or
you can get stuck into an awesome story
I think that’s really an audiobook for
everyone and audible has 18 ratings once
you download any one of your choices
freedom from your phone you can listen
to it anytime anywhere and your program
are things across your devices like
phones and computers
you always know where up to if you don’t
like it you can even stop it for another
1 I’m currently listening to resisting
happiness by Matthew Kelly and I am
loving it
look I listen to up doing everything
that I forget about all my struggles
during their runs have been it is no
you want to try it out just go to
www.google.com / when you all your free
audio books and a 30-day trial
you’re very got with I think incidental
exercise is the best form of exercise we
try and incorporate activity into your
daily routine and then you won’t have to
stress out about making time for
exercise things like taking the stairs
or taking a short walk instead of
driving impressions of a dental way to
turn up your arm and back muscles if the
straps and weight onto your hair dryer
or brush or hand strainer and we have
more hair the extra weight will actually
give your arms a good workout and every
a time you get stronger without even
having thought about it seriously all
jokes aside even simple things out like
cooking behavior patterns all carrying
that heavy jungle water
it all adds up you begin to
I hate it when you’re exercising and you
keep checking your watch offering for
when it’s time to finish a fight
literally me every single time exercise
in fact when I do that it actually makes
the time go even lower and break the
rhythm of my run and also it makes me
really hire outsiders about thinking
about it instead, make a running playlist
that’s exactly as long as you want to
run for I just finished when the music
stops that way you can run to great
music and up constantly have to look
down if we use a treadmill and just
stuff when the playlist finishes are
right outside of people halfway soft and
you know that the one you need to turn
back if you want to increase your
workout time just add more fox and you
can even give yourself a fitness
challenge by adding an extra song every
a month or every couple weeks
yeah yeah I really want to help ya great
here to be dying to find out and really
like I think and write first thing I go
what we have something in a great way
to eat healthier without trying to hide
is to pick something and healthy and to
eat every day and replace that we have a
healthier alternatives that way you can
just work on the one thing and i’ll give
you maximum results some projections are
replacing butter with coconut oil sugar
with honey or giclee popcorn and maybe
dessert we put that literally all you
need to do think that eating healthy is
it’s really important to stay hydrated
and I never drink enough water during
the day having a water bottle help
sometimes even the best intentions that
help you’re not thinking about it a
great pass to force you to think about
drinking if you place your water bottle
on top of your phone at your best
so whatever you feel like you need to
check your messages on Facebook offered
which for me is like literally all the
time you’ll be reminded that mr. water
bottle is there and you have to take
Adrian the more victims you are to your
phone more hydrated you’ll be so that’s
why i will be perfectly hydrated all the
we got
another great way to cut out of 120
calories without much effort it’s
brought up the oil of anything greeting
you happen to eat like pizza
there are approximately 884 calories in
a hundred grams of oil so just letting
off some excess can reduce your wheel by
30 to 40 calories which are probably
waiting for you anyways so you can never
replace them with something else Soviet
like it’s extra hand full of grease here
again you guys today I’m going to finish
my assignment due 10 minutes of exercise
for bottle barn wasn’t powerful rebirth
groups going around and then off clean
up my room not married huh
without you know make an official boys
and different be quiet i literally three
even there what I want with some
pine-sol making a vision problems
because after you think about fate what
I want to achieve this year with my
goals what I like to do you really like
creating area and having me for being
part of my life
services by going out and being bored i
like to because I call thank you for
saving my family what I’m going to put
my friends I want you in the area in the
last night
career travel I’ll be out of your life
do about tonight category I’m going to
think about where you want to be at the
entrance of fun and you can get use
pictures and visual aids same bored or
what I like to do is create a college on
my phone wallpaper because i didn’t
really look at them were like my wall
looking at it every single thing you
actually threatens to bring achieving
and having of the years of contracts as
well to kind of like figure out there
any opportunities for you to step out
the images that really promoted that you
really love react to share with me your
vision was halfway to quantum stuff if
you want to personally i’d love to be
with yours is about as well
if the previous happened wasn’t
motivated enough a real lazy media
motivated is to take a shower
apparently you are more likely to be
productive when you’re sweet
it always you up if you’re feeling
sleepy and give you a good chance to
climb the things you want to do to
tackle your next top i always think way
better in the shower and that’s where
some of my best ideas come from the
other place is situated but we will keep
that to ourselves
here on the one reason why my helper
methods because I always leave things
lying around here I’m admitting it now
guys I’m putting back to just being
served by the time and I’m probably just
feeling too easy or just distracted by
something else did you give your safe
overnight try leaving a quarter box in
each room directory of the week you can
just three things in there is hope
everyone in the house because next time
they see something of yours lying around
i could just chuck it in your clutter
box as well at the end of each week you
can just in 10 minutes putting
everything reflected back in one go and
keep your house meet and also make your
in early before happy they want man
when things were shocked my water is
always expanding and sometimes it’s hard
to remember what I warned i want needs
to be cleaned out to help you get your
water more organized
you dirty sister a million things
everything that I’m looking for your
favorite top tried is open pack that all
of your hangers or through that
direction faces you be sure you wear
something just flip the hangar direction
to the other side after six months or a
year or however long you want to check
the hangers that are still sleeping you
see the clothes you haven’t won in a
whole entire year or month and if you
have a one then you probably wear them
again so give them to charity for
someone else can weather and love them
again and declutter your wardrobe and
your life seriously it makes you feel so
much better and plus you’re leaving more
room for things that you love
another great these people Butterfree is
to create a tree stand to hold and
organizing music baby like bracelets
watches rings or perfume to make this VI
y all you need a complete phones except
in different sizes for class photos like
this one I have at a hot glue gun
first I decided to fill out my little
bottom Twitter 482 touch i mixed reviews
Collins clear together and had so much
fun funneling it in their white glitter
through mesmerizing why so once you’re
done simply Hollywood under the middle
of your plate and hopefully the next
layer on top and then finish it up with
a little bowl or cup as the top piece of
course you can customize it however you
like but in the end this is a great way
to whole little bits and pieces and it
also looks incredibly cute
try finding some tea plates and cups
from other stars to make your own my god
oh my god oh my god
blackberry cookbook i’m going to be
early on my next year
nakina surely come over
it’s friggin piece it how do you burn
maybe other things the hardest part
speaking of implant is deciding what to
cook a gracie I like to help this used
to make your own between recipe card set
all you need is some kind of paper and
wooden box some paint and shape i
thought about using laughing great to
create a geometric had another bus as
you can see i wanted to do something
super easy so i just made triangles all
around but you can make any shape you
like as well or any pattern next just
paint over the areas you want colored i
use about two to three credits for this
pot when it’s dry just feel the tape off
and i always find his part through
satisfying for some reason and now you
have the cutest your metric patterns box
next I got 71 pages and painted it in
matching possible colors for each day of
the week i also use some tape and
painted gold hips your friends been
using a sharpie everything on the day of
the week in letters get some string and
thread through the peg and now you’re
done with this part cut up some playing
cards through the width of your bus or
just getting ready made ones you find
them and then write down your favorite
recipes I wife ones that have a few
healthy ingredients and a very cool to
put method and that way it helps me
stick to it because it took too hard to
maintain i have a seven-day three plan
as well that I used when I try and lose
weight to get healthier and i’ll link
that down below if you guys want to meet
once you’re done you can even create
them using washi tape on the top and say
you want to have a color for drinks and
snacks and conditions you can do that as
well and place them in the box to store
now each week
all you need to do is take some of your
favorite recipes and hang them up for
the week so you can plan the week’s
meals and let your family know what’s
for dinner
the great thing about the car-sized to
is that you can pop them in your wallet
and make some shopping with you so you
can have a convenient ready-made
make your cooking process to be really
one carriage medical more but I’m going
around with the rest people that one
movement and its get messy how I don’t
give up
that’s why i love this pack just grab a
hanger and a wall book trace level is
high level of difficulty on to the
hangar and then hang it up now you have
an easy-to-read cookbook that white
poison itself might get messy and
doesn’t take up any faith on your
counter so you finally motivated
yourself cool bedroom for the first time
in weeks and bought all your ingredients
then as you thought you realize your
countertop is so messy and cluttered
that you don’t even have space to cut
your vegetables which of course leads to
frustration giving up and then obviously
but if it happens to you next time
they’re panicking just open up your
posture all and rest your shopping
bought on that it’s a great hack and a
quick peek for a credit bench
do you know how your mom always I always
have the best intentions for my pantry
but inevitably it becomes a mess to
exploit that even reaching persons
baking favorite causes of many a flash a
great hacks to organize your lease
packaging is to use a magazine holder
that you’re baking paper cling wrap and
our soil up inside it and that’s it
it’s the perfectly keep everything neat
and tidy
so many bad habits but sometimes I feel
like it’s too hot to change already
computed asking for a place but one of
your bad habits with something else
each month and just click on 14 months
for example the first month you can make
it a habit to stop serving faithful
during your study of work right
every place that we watching a
motivating her talk instead the second
monthly figures on spending less money
so instead of paying everything my
credit cash instead this way you’ll feel
the effect of the patches immediately I
don’t make you reconsider your patches
control left out 12 at how to speak out
of the one and that’s probably way
better than trying to be everything at
once and then ending up with nothing
because it gets worse this one scene 3
medication has we need to talk a lot of
mental challenges like stress anxiety
and introduces clarity and positive ID
into your life so why not try
introducing it this year a great half
for people that just cannot meditate
like me like my mind wanders all the
time it’s a try coloring scheme
psychologists say it’s a great
alternative to meditating that’s so many
great coloring books up after kids and
adults and you can pick up some of your
favorite times as well and color away
after coloring in something really
tension and anxiety and gives your brain
something simple to focus on and feel
let’s go and color color color
we have are improving your relationship
you think you someone a 20-second hug
probably giving someone a hug that last
20 seconds
hugs your body to release of seasons
which in turn improve trust your face
between two people so if you want to
create a closer and stronger
relationship with someone gives them a
very our weekly 22nd hug
you’re welcome maybe plus I will hug you
how was the last time you having any of
these 11 motivated to the plan as well I
just because official media will be fair
like hanging out guys going to get too
much regulation me and prevent you buy