Top 10 YouTube Mens Fitness Channels: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Top 10 YouTube Mens Fitness Channels

Top 10 YouTube Mens Fitness Channels


Hello and welcome to top X where we
countdown the very best that YouTube has
to offer
today we’re downing a protein shake and
checking out the top-10 Men’s Fitness
channels on YouTube
for this list we tried to single out
those channels that pertain mostly to
men’s fitness since men and women have
generally very different goals when it
comes to fitness while some of these
channels to cater to both genders be
sure to check out our upcoming video on
the top 10 women’s Fitness YouTube
channels which comes out next week we
ranked today’s picks based mostly on
subscriber numbers but also factored in
views votes from our users personal
preference and general impact on the
YouTube community one thing we should
mention is many of these guys sell
workout plans or endorse products of
their own we are here to promote their
YouTube channels and only their YouTube
channels we do not endorse or vouch for
anything they may be selling outside of
YouTube number 10 Kali muscle okay so
remember when I said that men and women
have different fitness goals well let me
introduce you to Kali Kuykendall aka
Mens Fitness
Kali’s channel is all about motivation
he’ll tell you himself in his trailer
that his hope is to inspire and to
motivate you-you’re gonna see a host of
stuff on this panel but the overall
objective is to inspire and motivate one
thing aside from motivation that Kali
will help you with is working out with
minimal equipment Kali was apparently
inspired to bulk up and change his life
while spending some time in jail and as
such he has a few videos that show you
how to get those gains without access to
the gym whether you’re locked up or not
Kali’s also got a bunch of videos where
he performs incredible feats of strength
whether you’re into working out or not
these are pretty awesome to watch
number nine buff dudes now before you
write these guys off for having a silly
name you should know that buff stands
for better understanding of food and
fitness which is a clever little acronym
which represents the goals and style of
this channel quite well right off the
bat the buff dudes get huge points for
their 80s inspired trailer but doesn’t
stop there
stylish production value is present in
all of their videos and a few go really
above and beyond for example what would
normally be a rather dry stretching
tutorial is turned into a pretty
slick-looking festival of neon lights
brothers Brandon and Hudson the buff
dudes have a ton of great how-to and
tutorial videos now these range from
very simple home workouts to extensive
gym tutorials and are all very clear and
concise super easy to follow using
virtually your entire body and focusing
primarily on the glutes hamstrings and
lower back the deadlift hits your
posterior chain like a bolt of lightning
lastly on top of a few skits and
countdowns the buff dudes also provide
you with healthy but manly recipes to
cover your nutrition as well as Fitness
man’s got to eat enough set something
else I like to do is take this chicken
shred it mix it in with some avocado and
put it on a little tortilla for a taco
there’s a lot of different variations
number 8 strength camp before you start
furiously typing in the comments let’s
address the ruthless truth right away
this channel is currently on hiatus and
at the time of the publishing of this
video is no longer publishing but with
over 12,000 videos already on the
channel there’s plenty to work with here
you see you move from here to here not
it’s all happening at GD portion of my
mid-back Eliot the host of this channel
strives to help you become the strongest
version of yourself as such one of the
strong points of this channel are the
best of yo Eliot clips which serve as
inspirational speeches to motivate your
mind and body I haven’t used a protein
supplement a protein shake in well over
a year in fact I don’t think it’s
necessary with this focus on motivation
and mental fortitude it should come as
no surprise that Kali muscle makes a
fair amount of appearances in Eliot’s
the bulk of his most popular videos deal
with certain issues most people have
with their workouts the titles for these
are pretty self-explanatory how to grow
huge lower lats is whey protein
necessary stop using heavy dumbbells or
even why junk food makes you stronger
compare that to all the shit that’s in a
McDonald’s hamburger but all the
calories all that all the fat all the
protein that’s going to support you in
getting stronger what do you do salad or
burgers so if you’ve got a specific
question or problem that you need some
advice with this might be a good place
to start number seven official bar stars
next up are the bar stars the
self-appointed kings of the freestyle
Cal aesthetics movement they’re Emoto is
lead inspire and change so with that in
mind you get a pretty good idea right
out the gate what their philosophy is
the bar in bar stars does not refer to
establishments that serve alcohol now it
refers to their workout weapon of choice
which is the chin up bar or monkey bars
or any other bar that can support their
weight really
as their trailer has no doubt explained
to you most of their tutorials don’t
require fancy equipment or gym
memberships as such some of my favorites
are their Street workout tutorials which
are great after a run number six
physiques of greatness at number six
were giving out the award for the least
humble channel name with physiques of
greatness greatness most of the channels
we see today offer you either workout
tutorials or some sort of motivation
physiques of greatness does these videos
too but this channel is much more like a
fitness blog than anything else so while
the videos for certain workouts still
show you technique and tell you how many
reps to do etc they also follow the host
Chris Jones in his day to day life
before and after the gym like a
lifestyle blog so here we are snack time
I’m get a couple of scoops of mts way
red velvet flavor aside from the
blogging aspect one of the other strong
points of physiques of greatness is the
tips videos now these are fun because
first of all chris is a funny guy and
because these tips range from tips for
the incline bench to something like so
you want to your female client it’s all
good stuff by no means am i condoning
sleeping with your clients I’m only
answering a question I was giving and I
thought it’d be fun to answer number 5
athlean-x next up we have athlean-x
posted by the creator of the athlean-x
system Jeff Cavaliere while the official
athlean-x system is something you have
to pay for rest assured that there’s
plenty to work with on this YouTube
channel what’s up guys jeff cavaliere come take a trip with me
today to the iron graveyard we’re gonna
dig up 5 of the worst exercises that you
can be doing now jeff has worked for the
New York Mets as an assistant strength
coach and a physical therapist and those
credentials really shine through in
these videos those of you that are
concerned with proper technique or just
need a bit more Theory behind your
workouts should be quite pleased with
his clips fingers are hooked
okay fingers are bars right in through
the fingers here I don’t want to start
curling too much or feeling up rowing
too much of course everyone has workout
goals and six-pack abs are high on a lot
of people’s lists so this is where Jeff
and his allergy to shirts really excel
he’s got a playlist conspicuously named
how to get six-pack abs that’s
completely devoted to this topic with 28
videos in it it was just crazy seeing my
abs come out in the first you know few
weeks of doing the program it was just
like wow
number four scott herman fitness next up
we have the leader of the combination
scott herman and his channel
it’s got Furman Fitness what’s going on
nation welcome to chest bigger fuller
stronger this routine was designed to do
exactly what the title says give you a
bigger and fuller chest while also
increasing your strength
one thing that YouTube channels and
personal fitness have in common is that
consistency and routine are very
important for success scott herman seems
to know this very well since he updates
his channel on a weekly schedule new
routines on tuesdays new exercises on
saturday and channel updates on sundays
alright guys now what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna rest about 60 to 90 seconds
and complete two more sets of that
superset one thing you’ll quickly notice
about Scott’s videos is that the very
long specifically his full workout
videos what this allows him to do is
include a lot of informative voiceover
while the workout is taking place
letting him point out key aspects and
important tips that he normally wouldn’t
be able to say mid benchpress or
whatever alright nation we’re on to the
last superset by this point your chest
should be extremely fatigued those
– number three Ct Fletcher motivation cg
fletcher channel is one that forgoes
technique and tutorials in favor of pure
motivation have you had someone command
you to grow today
Oh baby
honestly if everyone had someone like CT
motivating them when they were in the
gym we’d all be swoll as part of my
language is just I’ve watched a lot of
his videos recently too
obviously these are the sort of videos
that get you into the right mentality
for working out other guys will show you
what to do and that’s great but CT gets
you into beast mode in here side won’t
back his mother when I talk about a
sidewalk second mother day is goddamn it
number two twin muscle workout no you’re
not seeing double Keith and Kevin who
host this channel the hodgetwins are you
know twins as I’m sure you can see you
wanna build some muscle
yeah it’s good it’s real good while the
twins offer tons of stuff that you’ll
find on other channels you know workout
guides and such what they’re posting
lately is mostly sort of like a vlog
slash talk show about working out here
in the brothers answer questions from
their fans always related to training
even if they do go off topic sometimes
and banter back and forth with each
other as they attempt to explain and
answer the questions that is a
complicated question
oh wait yes think uh keg is good idea if
you asked to experienced yes man
essentially this is a great channel for
those of you that want to discuss and
talk about your workouts more sort of
like talk radio but for training only
better oh yeah you know it’s crazy
it’s Greek yogurt is smooth it Rick’s is
creamy and deduct get a little
strawberry action alright are you biting
it um oh man because we only have ten
slots on this list here are a few
honorable mentions that just didn’t make
the cut
number one Six Pack Shortcuts as we’ve
already mentioned everyone has certain
goals when they’re working out nowhere
on YouTube is goal oriented exercise
more embodied than in Six Pack Shortcuts
can you guess what kind of shortcuts
Mike Chang helps you with what’s up guys
is Mike this video we’ll be talking
about meal timing how often should you
eat in order to get a six-pack and you
don’t burn more belly fat while his
about page does read a bit like an
infomercial the part about how his
channel offers you free home workouts
bodybuilding workouts and specific ad
workouts is all true
Mike doesn’t just have the most
subscribed channel on our list because
of his catchy name
he’s got a heavy amount of videos to
really keep you busy so I come down
touch ah touch
oh so this way as you get fatigued you
may not want to go as low but if you
don’t feel that touch yo means being
going up on top of all this Mike also
does discussions mostly shirtless about
certain diet issues and workout issues
he’s come across mike’s energetic
friendly hosting is definitely another
reason why he’s got such a colossal
subscriber base and why he’s managed to
top this list doesn’t matter if you do
thirty reps in 30 seconds or if you do
six or seven reps in those thirty
the only thing that matters is how hard
you’re actually working your own muscle
don’t cheat yourself man well that’s it
for our countdown so what are you
waiting for man it’s time to hit the gym
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