This Counts Down to the End of Your Life! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

This Counts Down to the End of Your Life! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets
what’s ambient the ambient temperature just like of the air yeah accent monster
maybe the ambient temperature like – what’s the ambiance like in here it was
hot what’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to another episode of ten
tech items that may waste my money because we found out that most of you do
not buy these things that I buy because I’m buying them for you so I can waste
my money instead of you Tanner has picked out 10 items that he deems could
either be tasteful or wasteful but I will be that deciding factor okay
first item emergency power USB hand crank crank
This Counts Down to the End of Your Life! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets
SOS phone charger camping backpack okay so I think the idea here is that if your
phone dies and you’re all your other batteries die this will always charge
your phone right you’ll always have your phone but how fast could it possibly
charge it may be enough to the point where it’ll get a call off or maybe
someone will just be doing this in the background while you’re on the phone you
know if you got a long enough cable if you don’t have a long enough cable it’s
just like you’re like shut up shut up stop it and then stop and then dies I
think the slower you crank the less you know the less power you can give 22
product rating is four out of five stars – people view this per hour it’s like my
vlog Channel I’m just kidding my vlog channels right there I get hundreds of
thousands of these not mailing – though I don’t need views I get views I’m a
byte now there you go dude look at this thing dude why is it sealed
though important crank clockwise oh it probably just doesn’t generate
the electricity ‘s probably just negative energy just
takes all the juice out of your phone Oh what is this-this is not what the
picture looked like I feel so the idea of this is that you crank it walk wisely
and you plug your phone into that what is this though oh this is an old product
that we tested before this is gonna verify that if it gives us power they
included that with it dang show that it can also be
oh you see that did nope I’ll watch let’s see if we can do it really slowly
yeah see how it supplies less power as I’m doing it slower it didn’t sound
like that before no before I started clink before I started cranking
counterclockwise cranking say that five times faster
clockwise cranking counterclockwise to
type it five times faster in the comments all right let’s see if I can
get my phone charging right now let’s see what this does this thing keeps
getting caught in the way dude I think we broke it going
counterclockwise I totally broke it yeah counterclockwise there right important
not to go the other way well that’s wasteful I mean I did go the opposite
way but come on I went like three turns
it didn’t even provide power when it was working though I wasn’t working I tell
you that sound wasn’t there before but if the light was lighting up but now it
doesn’t even light up the cranks too hard – a story of my life next product oh
I get it because of heart you’re like trying to find out what it means no
actually, I was lost in thought no can you imagine can you imagine melting
the clock can you imagine a melting clock I don’t have to it’s right there hey you
work of art that tells you the time brother horribly though can you imagine
the future of fun it’s not this I can tell you that can you imagine how much
fun you’ll have when you watch the clock and you imagine watching a clock I’m
having so much fun watching time go by at the cars surreal quartz Shelf clock
artistic conversation piece simply place on shelf or mantel no mounting hardware
required look at this what do you mean you’ve never seen Roman numerals before
where are all those signs dude what is that ancient alien hieroglyphics I have
the perfect place for it then when they said it just crushes slightly be like
dude, you so have you just broke time it’s not even a joke that doesn’t make
sense a bit how could you break time now why are you already rewrite this joke
the black holes have anything to do with time yeah so how could you break a black
hole dude you just sat on that clock and you made a black hole not to mention you
the sound of it with your black hole there you go that’s it and black is in dark
because not a lot of light gets to it Kabu Kabu Kiya Star Wars The Force
awakens kilo Ren light-up chopsticks trying to say like chalk sticks from the
hit film bun and functional use alongside other Star Wars kitchenware
items dude I like using chopsticks no place will ever give me chopsticks you
ever noticed that when you’re white they don’t give you chopsticks they give you
Forks really yeah hundred percent Oh exactly you have to ask my wife who’s
Asian never has to ask they just gave it to her literally in the same table
they’ll give me a fork and her chopsticks stop like every place I’ve
ever gone to a semester and I’m like come on I speak the Asian just like that
I’m like why you gave me chopsticks oh they bring you another Fork
bring me another point they’re like AHA look if you look at it there’s just four
tiny chopsticks on it and I’m like good no I keep eating no that’s not what
happens but they do give me that trouble at the car I got you some neuter dude
that’s offensive to my wife chopsticks no the way you said noodles I’m gonna
tell my wife you said this you can watch the video this is how I say are
you asking to be neutered I can call a doctor and they’ll new to you I’m too
young for that the way you say that makes me think you
should be how do I ignite the blade maybe then okay so then oh it turned out
dead already well there you go isn’t Chipotle a
Mexican spice yes okay what is with the horrible abomination of Asian and
Mexican cuisine all in one you gotta know this is emitted by a white person
yeah Chipotle flavor that chipotle chicken some white person was like yeah
that’ll be good I mean it’s working it the only issue is why would chopsticks
are a little bit better is because they have a little bit more grip these as you
can see are slipping right off you know anything I’m probably doing it wrong too
cuz this is why they don’t give me chopsticks I like the lightsaber esque
part I think this works better is just like a little mini prop you know like
when you get super mad but you don’t want to break a lot of stuff yeah so
I’ll say wasteful sadly but it’s cool it’s a prop but that’s about it
so I’ll use it as a problem and now it stopped working again these things stink
dude they’re like getting jammed and stuff they’re not supposed to do that
this one doesn’t even work at all yeah but no this is definitely a wasteful
back hair shaver man groomer ultimate flex head body a power trimmer so we got
this cup for Conor didn’t we yes awesome I’ve always wanted a role-plays his mom
no see that doesn’t work because this is a self back trimmer you can role plays
his mom with a regular one yeah so I
can’t do this what I’m sorry like he goes from behind him why is an imam from
behind no no no well yeah just cuz he loves his mom okay mom hug your mom from
the front don’t hug your mom from behind I just see kind of relationship with
your mother do you have the car dude get this bit over with boom there we go so
here’s what we’re gonna do we’re going to open this up how does this work oh
it’s just supposed to lock like that
that’ll show strong that’ll cut corners there for sure okay let’s go give Connor
his new gifts hey guys don’t don’t don’t fret but I’m going to turn on your life
I wouldn’t do it near the computers right see these computers these are
beautiful computers subscribe to dude it’s hardcore too for you thick hair
that’s a that’s a chainsaw that’s into back like actually it’s cut up I want to
know because that’d be cool he want he’s gonna show up one of these
days are like a streak to the top of his head 3m precise mouse pad with
repositionable adhesive backing and battery saving design Henry’s saving
design okay what is this so you can keep it portable on the go or something like
that because I’m pretty sure if that’s not gonna be the place that you put your
mouse pad on the top of your laptop imagine like you just start using your
mouse and you’re just like where’s my screams now I assume it’s like the peel
and stick where you can like stick it onto something else battery saving
design are they are they saying that this particular pattern enhances the
quality of the laser of the bottom of your mouse and potentially even the
battery consumption battery saving design extends battery life of wireless
mice where’s this claim coming from though okay it’s somewhere in here but I
don’t know if I want to read it oh oh precise mouse pad enhanced the precision
of the optical mice at fast speeds and also extends battery life wireless mice
up to 50% why they need a proper surface to work on to reduce the loss of signal
and skipping errors so mice deals with skipping errors and they’re claiming
that’s what leads to the consumption of a mouse battery lab testing showed the
optical mice from leading manufacturers drew less current when using this mouse
pad okay maybe because it can detect where it’s
moving a little bit better Add to Cart stores on the back of your notebook
extends battery life 15% 15 15% guys look you see it 15 all the people
clicking and thinking they’re getting actual product reviews it’s like who is
this guys how did you get so many views with these product reviews I’m like it
doesn’t really work that great upside down D minus 11 that’s my rate yeah
let’s see if I can put it on my screen and use it yeah I can I put it on the
top of my screen but then again it blocks your screen you can even use my
face to mouse around on oh yeah works way better yeah right by
it I think it’s the best use of my face really honestly it didn’t – okay I’ll
save tasteful before we get into the next product big shout out to Amanda for
clicking that notification bell icon and commenting down within the first 30
minutes thank you very much here’s a shout out for you next product smart
thermometer dolphin thermo capsule non-contact skin okay so maybe this is
one of those capsules that you swallow and you can internally take your
temperature you know I’m saying maybe I have kind of nervous about for someone
to be honest you’re gonna take your temperature internally I mean it’s
better than a rectal thermometer isn’t it still kind of a rectal thermometer
yeah I guess cuz you got to poop it out yeah I don’t think you’re supposed to
eat this the body temperature of kids and adults object’s temperature of baby
milk alarm for smartphone what how you tell the temperature front alarm oh
there’s a sensor there’s the body here’s the cover here’s the logo right here
guys but it’s where there’s no logo here Jack
that’s how we take our temperature also can measure temperature of metal plastic
wood water glass ambient wine you read that as ambient why ambient what’s
ambient the ambient temperature just like of the air yeah accent monster
maybe the ambient temperature like – what’s the ambience like in here it was
hot baby milk yeah baby milk how are you
gonna just casually get the temperature of baby milk what do you mean you look
at it dad usually you test it with your elbow wait what no no you do I’m not I
go do not elbow is right test baby milk with elbow the most sensitive part
inside of your wrist not your elbow let’s say your elbows actually senses
but I know Add to Cart all right here we go guys this is all gonna happen right
now all right Tanner open your mouth Wow the
giant pill it’s like a finger Oh Oh guys I don’t have a headphone jack because
I’m an elitist okay so we’re gonna use a dongle guys have you ever heard of these
things and it’s not the thing inside your pants okay thermo capsule open
okay please open the capsule press the button to start the measurement okay
that’s 34 degrees I’m dead oh okay let’s just change that to Fahrenheit for us
American folk 94 degrees yeah that’s that’s not great but it evidently for
this baby it’s great a little bit closer 97.3 wow it was good no matter what I
think 94 degrees is not good no the issue with this is that there’s a lot of
room for user error I’m sure you can get to it to make it take accurate readings
but parents are negligent and they might take four readings which might give them
incorrect data which might say that their their baby’s fine I must say
that’s wasteful just be normal and get a rectal thermometer okay merge cube a
name of that is not great hold holograms in your hand with award-winning AR toy
for kids iOS Android phone okay so this kids are
doing these days dude just come play with a stick I can’t have fun enjoy have
emerged you mom literally needs like a thousand dollar device strapped to their
head to play with like a plastic little cube like use your imagination what’s
wrong with imagination these days I think kids have imaginations no matter
what yeah if you’re not a great parent and you use like your phone as like a
device for them to just use up all their time rather than to force their
imagination you know anything because like for instance Minecrafts out there
and it’s letting kids be crazy a phone or a computer is not a bad thing
it’s basically how you use it right utility parallels with curiata me I
think anything that fits in that realm it’s gonna 11 work yes so this I don’t
know I can’t say anything about it yet let’s say we buy toys for Luna doesn’t
really care she’d much rather like go and grab something that’s ours off the
shelf or you know like find a rock and play with that yeah so maybe if you can
make things with it I don’t know Add to Cart hit me with that oh okay I think
it’s a cool idea the first holographic object you can
hold in the palm of your hand use your phone
holographic play touch and play with the Holograms the only issue with like this
kind of stuff is that like you have to be looking through your phone and it’s
like that’s not a fun way to live your life it’s like one thing to be looking
at your phone but now you’re looking at life through your phone the dangerous
precedent to be set it says get started merge cube calm activation code oh I
just gave everyone my activation code so evidently there’s three apps right here
I can choose any one of these three oh it’s soft there’s more than 300 okay so
you just downloaded eat these they went lower than it okay you see this
interesting so it keeps telling me to put it back up like this okay so do i
press it no I can’t press it on here because there’s no like green screen but
I have to click start on here I sent round starts in three two one what are
we doing go disconnect all of the green wires okay green I still have to PI have
to aim at it with the foam I actually I have no idea what’s happening right now
how do I disconnect this green wire that’d be better if you would be able to
interact with the actual cube instead of having to interact through the phone I
think you’d be able to do it let’s say you made this like a bright green cube
then the phone would be able to potentially key in real time not key
frame but key out chroma key so I mean it’s possible and that’s what I wish
they would have done but I’m stuck on this so I’m just gonna Oh ready oh my
gosh why did it countdown and then ask me to say ready are you ready ready so
this is dumb too I have to lick I have to literally go over here and click the
phone okay so now I’m ready now I’m gonna just come on dude what you’re
doing dog oh I did I already disconnected it so I go back where did
it go oh it’s still not disconnected there’s two sides to this task complete
okay round two starting in one two three go
but then it says ready threw me off activate all the number two
switches enter the sequence seven five one on the keypad number five keypad
number five oh just literally gave it seven but okay
next app okay so what’s this what’s happening here
okay so there’s like different things I can do in here so that’s kind of cool so
let’s see a hollow body whoa so you can kind of like hold a heart in
your hand like if you’re a big fan of Indiana Jones or if you’re single and
then you can kind of like see every part of it and then if not you can click the
little back oh there’s a skull that’s interesting creeps me out it’s like it’s
talking to us ah you suck okay so let’s look at something else now let’s look at
a castle oh now that’s cool I don’t know why but that seems like way cooler to me
the only issue is I really wish it did key out your fingers I wish it did key
out your fingers because that would make it look way cooler
isn’t that cool cube my god oh wait what’s happening in there Oh fireworks
look at that at the top of it yeah so it’s a really interesting like little
novelty item it’s kind of hard to do everything it probably be easier if you
were wearing it but then it’d be like a less interesting experience I feel like
it is very interesting to kind of meld these two technologies together you know
and it does a really well decent job of tracking sometimes it falls in and out
but you know what can you expect I think it’s pretty cool it looks very
interesting but I’ll give it a tasteful but still go play with some rocks be
kids you don’t need these things to be happy luck star remote control centipede
Oh we had a remote control snake once and this actually looks more creepy old
if the legs move them out I mean do that I don’t like those I’m done dude edge
guard oh that’s so big so it doesn’t look like the legs move it’ll probably
look enough like it’s moving turn the wheels when it is still don’t turn the
wheels do not do something in a racism primarily says doh
but I didn’t read gnome for some reason you never do
brilliant before I started a great fantastic job my buzz how to be holy
that will trigger some people yeah that’s scary from top down okay it
actually is scary it doesn’t feel like it’s really waving yeah it’s on carpet
do you think we’ll be able to get some people but yeah
however some let’s do it people hate bugs hey what you doing in here did well
not anymore I’m really nervous now any time you’re walking with a camera here
that’s disgusting I’m just gonna say one thing when I was a kid those things used
to scare there was I mean he’s stuck okay I dragon memory card reader
two-in-one Apple lightning cable adapter data sink okay interesting so it’s just
a cable that reads like a micro USB oh I get it I get it I can use a long cable
for it why couldn’t you just put this part into that part I think it’s also a
USB two in one maybe that’s why it’s a two in one alright let’s try it out Add
to Cart okay here we go I assume you put that in there for me
yes there we go alright so really it makes it look like it’s way longer when
they do that but really it’s just that okay yeah so it is a USB but it’s also a
memory card reader see that dude boom not bad okay so now I plug in my phone
to it and we find out what is on this device says I USB is not connected you
why maybe I put it in wrong nope it’s in there it just connected immediately its
system information test footage I’m afraid or what I’m gonna find on here
oh this is old footage it looks at vintage it cool I mean it works one
final test see if it charges it’s charging there you go
ticker automatic metal and silicone casual watch as a casual watch years
month days this doesn’t look like a casual watch hours minutes seconds local
time oh so it’s like a countdown watch displays remaining lifetime time until
product launch or any other special date remaining lifetime
notice that me in like your own life yeah holy junk dude ticker is a
wristwatch that counts down your life and helps you make every second count
using statistics and a personal health algorithm it will motivate you to make
the right choices forget about all the smart watches that keep you connected to
your email 24/7 dhikr is designed to help you seize the day follow your heart
and be happy dude if I put this on and it’s like seven days I’m not coming back
to work tomorrow I’m never gonna see you again so much remember ice cream carpe
diem an ice cream the carpe diem dude I’m gonna stop making YouTube videos
that’s for sure what a waste the light this is watch
that card the happiness watch my favorite things in life don’t cost any
money it’s really clear that the most precious resource we have is time Steve
Jobs wait does my favorite things in life are the things that don’t cost any
money but by my problem no no this isn’t his product I know I’m saying like why
are they marketing it like that we might have a put that quote on there but then
you’re buying because they’re they’re trying to tell you that this product
will help people realize that so maybe they’ll throw it away what they still
bought it I get you I get you right here it says 99 years 11 months dude mine
says anything more than 10 years I’m feeling blessed
yeah did you eat you eat garbage dude okay so I can adjust it so the local
time is what it’s 11 or 2 years months days ok so I can change this how do I do
it more accurately because I don’t want to just put in one day dude I don’t want
to just put in 7 days left to live I don’t want to be that guy but that might
be all you have left
so what’s the algorithm I thought they said they had an algorithm wait in here
guys in here it says life expectancy by country and gender I mean this is all
based on data so it’s not like they’re just suggesting that yeah but it’s not
like it’s true yeah well data shows you truths my friend in the United States
male 76 female 81 which is really high compared ibly to all the other numbers
that I’m seeing a Republic of Congo 57 and 59 Qatar 83 and 81 men lived longer
I’m moving there dude they’re moving a guitar yeah once I hit 76 five more
years out of my life guitar people have three years longer in
United Kingdom there’s not as much pressure to succeed in America
everyone’s gonna dream I’m 29 right now so I have 47 years left how does that
make you feel bad 47 years that feels pretty good I can do a lot in 47 years I
mean the last tenor and pretty much you sit on a couch true no I can still right
there I mean what I mean as far as the exact details go I don’t know if that
matters too much but there you go for me 47 years left that’s it right there
47 years left if I start actually caring I don’t eat great are you better than
you but I don’t eat great that’s the kind of guy to order a crispy chicken
tender salad but only no I hate the recipe yes I did he goes there he’s like
can I get this out no I thought that dude you literally got a 22 ounce beer
yeah cuz I crushed it what you mean I’m office of myself yeah you ready all
right fine I’m gonna get the no I’m still gonna get crispy chicken there’s
some things in life that just they matter a little bit more if I live one
year less so I get to eat whatever I want I would make that I would make that
game under purse but it’s usually not that it’s usually like 30 40 years less
that’s the interesting idea that I’m gonna just like put this on my desk one
day it’s just gonna go from 47 to 46 I’m gonna be like oh shoot this wait till it
goes from 10:00 to 9:00 and three two all right guys this is
tasteful this right here is waterproof fire ten things found at Walmart no joke
it was actually waterproof fired not even kidding not even click bidding you
at all right there so click that pretty crazy this right here’s a video that
YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy if you’re new here also subscribe
because I’d like to see you from here more often despite the size of my beard
alright high five