The Emirates A380 Experience – Tickets Giveaway!

but I am inside a simulator now we’ve
kept in game so we are ready to fly I’m
just learning some of the preparation
work momentarily we will take off here’s
what we’re gonna do
I’ll show you all the controls now and
after a while I’ll show you how to do
the takeoff procedure we’re gonna take
off from Dubai do a little bit of
circuit then I’ll send you for the lab
sure absolutely
all right so first you have your
fly-by-wire sidestick on the left side
ah this is the fly-by-wire – joystick
aver about that correct cool that’s your
main flight control yep now simply to
pull up you just pull it back to bring
the nose down push it forward then to
roll left and right is left and right
right right now on the bottom you have
two pedals in front of you okay okay now
you’re pressing from the top both
together those are the wheels
ah the wheel brakes yes I see now if you
press it from the bottom video he’ll
separately yeah
left and right those are your brothers
brothers yes that’s used for steering on
the ground so I just want to know
exactly you know what is the rudder do
on the part of plane there were other
pedals it steers there whether in the
back the tail of the plant it’s mainly
used to your the plane left and right
and it’s also used for steering on the
ground when you saw through the takeoff
okay so steering okay alright we have
the same on the left side that shows
your airspeed okay at 40 60 and the one
on the right zero zero that’s your
altitude your height my attitude here
zero six zero and my speed is here on
the left side grip right now the one in
the middle diluent brown shoes e2
orientation of the plane shows you the
pitch angle yep this thought here shows
you the nose of the plane
now obviously blue is fine with brown
shows you the ground you’re going down
you to something okay okay on your other
screen that’s the navigation display
that’s like your GPS yellow crosses the
plane the Green Line is two presets like
that alright so once we take off that’s
what you have to follow arousal guys
welcome on board or embers a380 this is
flight ich a380 I’m gonna take you from
Dubai to Hong Kong International Airport
in just under seven hours and
momentarily I’ll be taking off and with
me is the senior chat captain Gabriel
and also I have a beautiful listen your
stewardess list okay alright I’ll see
you back in the cab you later captain
alright we are now set for takeoff now
before you do that you want to release
the parking brakes please parking brake
released extend flaps one
what up flux one sense you have control
okay there for takeoff
increasing the power take-off thrust up
here’s meets alive
really not
v1 rotate rotate
positive five Lanta Europe please I
didn’t care up now turning left at 2500
phase we’re making a left bank
go further down please bitch nose down
bring the nose down back to 15 degrees
oh my god I think I was still longing
rookie mistake
but the 3h is a very sensitive machine
dear ones very sensitive
I can roll out of the turn bank right
place level the wings bank right bang
right okay
so guys we’re just descending from our
crews level flight level 400 now coming
to Hong Kong and now we’re coming down
at three seven zero and gradual descent
into Hong Kong
let’s get pitch nose-down started she
knows now hey why do you think that
satellite in your necklace gear down
Chris knows I’m a bitch all right yeah
yeah we’re doing other things up okay
okay can you roll left place girl left
I further lo he’s very difficult
actually all right pitch nose up which
moves up those up all the way all the
way further that’s enough yeah yeah
turned right double moose turn right
turn right stop nose down please all
right our Idol all the way I know thank
touchdown all right you’re on oh my god
Landers they’re screaming for us to
explain both the petals slightly
overshot the Romney but gotta give it to
you first landing central I’m so glad I
made it first times welcome to Hong Kong
we have just landed Oh guys I have this
amazing experience on my first flight on
the a380 as the captain I really want
you guys to come here in Dubai more to
try out this experience is pretty
surreal it gives you an idea how to
power an airplane how to steer an
airplane to come to land safely thank
you for watching guys good news guys I’m
giving away two Emirates a380 experience
session tickets to my viewers so you
guys can come and fly the a380 yourself
so simply click on the link in the
description to enter the contest good
luck guys