Territory Of SA Economy With VAT Hike Business Incorporated

welcome back after the first v80 hike
since apartheid South African consumers
are calling for an interest rate cut but
a central bank has numerous reasons to
resist this pressure chief amongst them
a desire to sustain an inflation-busting
rally in the rand South Africa’s
inflation rate slowed to 4.4 percent in
January from 4.7 percent in December ISM
pressure on the central bank to maintain
a tight monetary stance of a spite of
brief recession and predictions for 2017
the South African economy pulled out
some surprises and posted a higher than
expected GDP growth rate for 2017
growing by 1.3 percent at the Reserve
A bank is expected to hold its monetary
policy meeting on March 28 and all eyes
are on them
Escalus sense of what South Africans
expect from the Reserve Bank in the
light of recent development let’s talk
to the head School of Economics and
business sciences out of its University
in South Africa professor journey of
rustle good afternoon professor thank
you very much for joining us now the
race under via tea takes effect from
April 1 year now most South Africans
expect the Central Bank to help cushion
the effect of cutting down the interest
the rate at its next meeting later this
month as an economist do you see the
central bank cutting rates now what
factors are they likely to consider
fellows inflation party monetary policy
so the bank acts in Cyprus on expected
through chemical inflation and
accidentally back home increase
inflation without in the Reserve Bank
has not replied immediately South
Africans will develop and seven perhaps
inflation lips whisper such time
ashwagandha Thomas announced in
fashionable very difficult patients
unpalatable and will respond ultimately
my goons total wealth and shooting
insulation like includes unlike
comparison but looking at inflation
rates the January rate came down to
four points four percent and the Bureau
of Statistics reported that the economy
grew surprisingly surprised by these
bodies are expected to announce its
the latest outlook on South Africa that’s on
March 23 but the recent developments do
you see South Africa dodging a downgrade
from Moody’s
we do have highly one Avenue in the
faculty to a master going further and
right and the country to be in a
position with a great position with us
at least
well thank you thank you very much for
your time professor
Jenny Russell the head of the School of
Economics and business signs are out of
its University in South Africa are in
Mozambique the auto consumer price
inflation eased further to two point
nine three percent year on year in
February from three-point eight four
percent in January according to the
National Institute of statistics that
shows are the 11th consecutive decline in
the inflation rate inflation rate in
Mozambique has reached eight point five
four percent from 2009 until 2018
reaching an all-time high of twenty-six
point three five percent in November
2016 and a record low of 1 point zero
five percent in November 2009 and the
Democratic Republic of Congo President
Joseph Kabila has signed into law a new
mining code that raises royalties and
Taffy’s on operators international
mining companies that operate in Congo
Africa’s top copper producer has
vigorously opposed to the new law
although Kabila pledged this week to
work with them while implementing it the
the law passed by Parliament in late January
replaces an earlier code from 2002 it
raises royalties or minerals across the
board and removes a clause that
protected – from changes to the fiscal
and customs regime for ten years
executives from Blanco wrangle China
Molly moon and Ivan failed to convince
kabila gharanas fix our meeting on
Wednesday to reopen negotiations over
the code which they say will deter
investment and violate existing
agreement the two sides agreed however
to open negotiations this week over
measures to implement the code and
the ministers that accompanies concerns
would be considered on a case-by-case
basis and in I recalls to the coffee and
cocoa council plans to suspend programs
for the 2018 2019 season that boost
cocoa output Picasso aims to reduce
production in the face of global
oversupply by hot and distribution of
higher grade seeds and plants by
chocolates makers our photon Ivory Coast
has reasoned from 1.6 million tonnes ten
years ago to 2,000,000 terms in the 2016
2017 season because of high yields but
global demand has failed to me to supply
the CCC expects production for the 2017
2018 season to slip to 1.9 million tons
partly because of bad weather meanwhile
the council has begun a three-year
program to uproot 300,000 hectares of
cocoa infected by swollen shoots since
January 25,000 hectares have been
cleared already which will also help to
reduce growing capacity in the coming
years and finally crude oil prices are
higher today boosted by a drop in the
number of US rigs drilling for more
production Brent crude futures where 0.3
percent up are $65 70 cents per barrel
while US West Texas Intermediate crude
futures where are 62 dollars 22 cents a
barrel also 0.3 percent higher meanwhile
the news that the US economy added the
biggest number of jobs in more than
one-and-a-half years in February also
helps to lift prices higher and that’s
it on the program thank you very much
for watching that I’m Jimmy Z will be