there’s a certain delusional quality
that all successful people have to have
you see all successful people have this
the belief they have this understanding that
I’m gonna do something different than
has ever been done before they have this
the idea that they’re not gonna be told what
to do because they know where they’re
you always hear this time and life be
well realism and success aren’t on two
opposite ends of the spectrum there’s
nothing more pitiful to my mind and the
a person who wastes his life running for
one thing to another forever looking for
the pot of gold at the end of the
rainbow and never staying with one thing
long I have to find it no matter what
your goal may be perhaps the road to it
can be found in the very thing in which
you’re now engaged
you are where you are today in part
because of what you’ve been saying about
yourself words are like seeds when you
speak something out you give life to
what you’re saying if you continue to
say it eventually that can become a
reality whether you realize it or not
you are prophesied your future this is
great when we’re saying things like I’m
blessed I’m strong I will accomplish my
dreams I’m coming out of there
that’s not just being positive you are
prophesying victory prophecy and success
prophesy new levels your life will move
in the direction of your words but too
many people go around papasan just the
opposite I never get any good friends
I’ll never get back in shape business is
I’ll probably get laid on flu season is
here I always get it they don’t realize
they are prophesy and defeat it’s just
like they’re calling in bad breaks
mediocrity lack
you are planting seeds when you talk at
some point you’re going to eat that food
here oh you guys have what’s called an
idiot crazy a loser you must break
society status quo sites status quo is
normality this it’s alive but not living
its death Ilana stick guys the belief of
the individual can overcome thousands of
followers one person with the belief
overrides thousands of people with just
intent your life guys is not about
making money it’s not about having the
titles it’s not about having a hot
trophy wife
your life is about a moment to come it’s
inevitable right now we have the most
valuable asset on earth on our side time
but it’s running out and right now you
guys are sitting there and to make that
the first step towards greatness is the
hardest step
there is one thing horror that my
friends its later in life as you look
back on your life the windows of
an opportunity has closed your ability is
no longer present and you think back
that he could have been great
right now you have the ability to never
had that debate inside your head that’s
the debate you can never win you can go
back and forth back and look there’s no
verdict the jury is always going to be
in a jury room, it’s never gonna come
back saying you did okay
what you will do is you will bury that
deep inside you won’t tell anyone that
you could have been this you will be
second best to your true potential and
you live your life fine but then one of
your friends are going to succeed in some
endeavor and you’re gonna hate him for
it because this is a success in a
spotlight shining down on your missed
the opportunity we all had the ability to do
anything those people in here far
superior to me but there’s no win here
so we’re harder than me whatever you
want to do whatever idea that you have
you are disintegrated if you’re not
using your skills are diminishing
every day and there goes there goes
another state and life is happening
right now what do they get your buck out
of the way
I know I put anything what it takes to
withstand the pressure slap your
neighbors say you don’t know what you
you don’t know what you’ve got until all
hell breaks loose
you don’t know what you can take until
the pressure is applied to your life you
don’t know what you get endure in people
until people stab you in the back and
walk away from you you don’t know how
much courage you have until you’ve
driven in the fire and I’m this struggle
and them the tribulation you can learn
what’s in you sitting back in the lazy
boy chair hit the remote control
watching HBO and Cinemax but when all
hell breaks loose
that’s what you get to see
what you got
you want to make it in life he said
number one develop your mind you don’t
get in life what you want you get in
life what you are number two develop
your communication skills
once you open your mouth you tell the
world who you are three practice the
principle of oqp only quality people let
us say together only quality people as
you think about your goals and dreams
this is not for everybody
you want to build an organization with
only quality people not people who need
more but people who want more you want
to surround yourself with people that
are hungry people that are hungry are
willing to do the things a day of us
won’t do in order to have the things
tomorrow others won’t have people that
are hungry do what they know not what
they feel see I didn’t do this for years
because I knew it would be hard and mr.
Washington said something to me Mike
Williams my mentor you want to go online
and find his book the road to your best
stuff he said something that grabbed me
and I want you to put this someplace
where you can see it see you build this
business through persistence you got to
affirm I will persist until I succeed
you build it through patience it takes
time to grow orchids faster to grow
roses but orchids that takes time you
have to have persistence you have to
have patience and perseverance it takes
courage to come back again and again and
again because in order to build the
business it’s hard work it’s har D and H
EAR T are you with me there write this
down if you do what is easy
your life will be hard but if you do
what is hard your life will be easy in
what you’ve done with your life thus far
is it giving you what you want is it
giving you what you want when you look
to want the future when you look at all
of this going on out here is there some
place within yourself you say hey I know
I need to be out there in that arena I
know I can do more than what I’ve been
doing I know there’s some great music
that I have within me that I haven’t
brought out here is that something that
you begin to look at within yourself see
I say if you look at your life and if
you’re not getting what you want you owe
it to yourself to do something
differently you are if you’re on a job
85% they say of Americans go to jobs but
they’re unhappy if you’re doing
something eight hours a day that you
don’t like it’s not giving you what you
want it’s not giving you a strong
feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment
you’re miserable you hate to go there
you’re depressed just thinking about it
you’re saying they thank God it’s Friday
song every week if that’s what it is you
owe it to yourself to start
strategically working to change
directions see but you know what most
people will do most people will resist
most people will fight change as if
change would be worse than what they’re
experiencing see they know this they’re
familiar with this most people will not
challenge the unknown they won’t just
step out there see they well see there
are certain things has got to be in
place they got to see it all together
and life isn’t like that that’s not how
you grow so as you look at your life you
say I’m not getting what I want
as you begin to look toward the future
begin to know that whatever it takes for
you to create that you’ve got that in
you-you got that you’ve got genius in
you-you’ve got goodness in you you’ve
got creativeness in you if you decide to
take the initiative the changed the
current quality of your life I say to
you that you will find that the universe
is on your side that life is on your
side now will it be turbulent yes would
it is easy no-no will you have some
opposition yes will I make a lot of
mistakes yes will I get hurt
yes yes see a lot of people won’t try
anything different like because they
don’t want to get hurt let me tell you
something it’s too much pain too doc
pain is everywhere you can hide under
here it will come where you are it’s
everywhere Viktor Frankl caused an
unavoidable suffering you can’t duck it
but most people spend their life not
wanting to deal with the pain of
rejection the pain of defeat the pain of
being disappointed the pain of losing
the pain of failure the pain of being
criticized the pain of not being liked
the pain the pain the pain that’s called
life is full of pain it’s everywhere but
that’s what there’s no game without pain
because it’s the pain of regret that’s
your experience if I had it to do over
again that’s a pain don’t you know
that’s it when you know I was in a
seminar once and this ladies stood up if
I had my life to live over again she
talked about all of the things that she
would do and you can feel the pain of
regret of pain of regret
she still experienced pain she was
trying not to experience the pain of
defeat the pain of disappointment the
pain of loss the pain of lack of support
and she still experienced pain it was
right there we can’t get around it most
people are governed by their habits the
fears and the opinions of others a lot
of people never try anything differently
because they have been convinced by
people in their lives that they value
that they can’t do it they’re living
within the context of the opinions that
other people have a bit the low
expectations many people who doubt
themselves because when they thought
about doing something at some critical
point in their life somebody they
respected and honored somebody they
believed in somebody that they loved
someone they trusted said you can’t do
that and they accepted that
as you look at your life ask yourself
the question what would your life be
like what would your life look like if
you decided not to care what people
thought of you what would your life be
like if you decided to give up some of
your fears what would your life be like
if you decided to become courageous what
would your life be like if you decided
to act on your dream if you did what you
felt in your heart you know courageous
means a ton ruskin and Randy Reid said
they said that courage comes from a
French word which means of the heart
that how does it feel to you he says
such courage you know it takes courage
to live since most people go through
life not allowing themselves to step out
because they don’t want to let go they
don’t want to be blown around they don’t
want to be moved the courage to face
life’s whirling wind of contradictions
the courage to love yourself the courage
to love for years I was afraid to love
the courage to take a chance the courage
to be who you are
he says courage isn’t for somebody else
for metals applause of all debts courage
is what at that moment feels most right
for you not just situational ethics but
what feels right in your heart the word
of the heart what feels right in your
one great philosopher says cowards die
many times before their deaths
the valiant never taste of death but
once what does that mean the valiant
people aren’t afraid no no no it means
that they experience that here and they
move forward and move forward any how
many people are dead not many people
allowing their dreams to die many people
applying the ideas to lie dormant and
collect dust
many people have all this
ability that they allowing to be
embarrassed out of them that they will
take with them to their graves because
they didn’t have the courage to be who
they are and I say as you begin to look
to all the future and manifesting your
greatness it’s going to take everything
in you everything in you that your life
deserves the concentrated effort to
begin to look at how is it that I can
express more of me how is it that I can
bring my ideas out here now how is it
and start living with a sense of urgency
because you’re here today you’re gone
today life is unpredictable it’s
uncertain there’s no guarantees no
guarantees out here at all so holding
back what are you waiting on ask
yourself what’s the benefit of your
waiting what’s the benefit of your not
living your dream what’s the benefit of
not listening to yourself
oh please listen to yourself
you know the feelings that you start
listening to the feelings in your heart
and I’m doing it now more every day I
find that my feelings I can trust them
and I say to you that as you look toward
the future you look at life on a daily
basis if there’s something that you have
been given if you’ve heard something
within yourself that you know that that
what you’re doing now it doesn’t fit for
you it doesn’t work for you it’s not
giving you what you want and there’s
something else that you want to do don’t
allow that inner doubt in you to talk
you out of it to build a case on why you
can’t have it to tell you why you’re not
good enough you ignore that inner voice
and all of the external voices don’t
judge the possibilities for what you can
do based upon the circumstances because
the circumstances won’t determine who
you are don’t determine what you are
able to do based upon your resources
don’t determine what’s possible for you
based upon where your life is right now
where your life is right now is not you
that’s just what it is right now but the
possibilities for you are unlimited if
you’re in a rebuilding
it’s unlimited if you’re coming back
from adversity and devastation it’s
unlimited of what you can do
that’s the capacity of human beings it
doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve
doesn’t matter how many flops you’ve had
doesn’t matter how much money you’ve
lost in fact I see it only as an
investment what you learned from life
not losses but investments of what’s
possible for you and I say to you that
once you start listening to yourself and
as you begin to act on your dream as you
start just trying to find your way doing
what you can with what you have you will
start seeing things opening up for you
start attracting people you say where’d
it come from
things will start coming together
clicking for you say whoa you start
brainstorming ideas will come out of
nowhere as you focus on it the key to it
is to begin to focus on what it is you
want to do why less why is that
important because as you focus on that
which you want to do that which we focus
on that which we give our energy to it
will begin to multiply it will begin to
expand it will begin to develop your
consciousness and out of that comes your
greatness out of that comes a commitment
out of that comes a passion for life out
of that comes a special power that you
have in you that you haven’t even called
on yet see the the powers that we have
will never reveal themselves if we don’t
challenge them if we don’t put ourselves
in a position where we have to use them
so one of the most important things is
reading a book that’s a really
interesting book called instant
millionaire and the guy said put
yourself in a position where you can’t
retreat where it’s do-or-die sink or
here’s what you’ll find out you’ll
develop incredible swimming skills
you’ll find yourself stroking unlike
you’ve ever seen before through the
inspiration of desperation you’ll become
more creative than ever before so what
is it
we handle that whole piece throw your
whole self into it see most people go at
it tentatively they don’t give all their
stuff they don’t concentrate they don’t
put everything they’ve got in them one
guy wrote a book thought all you can do
is all you can do and all you can do is
enough but he said make sure you do all
you can do and if we’re honest this
evening we know that we haven’t done all
we can do so as we look at the future we
can decide that from this day forward as
I look at my personal relationships if I
look at my professional relationships if
I look at my family relationships as I
look at all the dimensions of my life
looking at myself mentally emotionally
and spiritually I learn to do all I can
do to develop me to bring my talent out
here to make a contribution to life