MORNING MOTIVATION – Start Your Day Positively! (2018 motivational video)

Close your eyes for a moment, will you please?
And let’s just think about
This day
Can you just sometimes wake up in the morning and instead of rushing into your to-do-list and
Rushing into what you have to get done and rushing into how you’re gonna handle this and handle that just stop and embrace
that you are a sacred being.
Showing up and rolling the dice and whatever happens or taking a couple hours in the morning
And designing how you want your life to be
in relation to your 1 month 1 year 5 year 10-year goals
I think what life’s golden ticket
ultimately it is our gift
and ability to choose every single day and moment who are we who are we going to be how will we show up?
How will we interact with the world?
What will we chase what will we go for how will we serve? We get to choose that. A choice is life’s golden ticket!
But when you wake up on a regular basis with your spiritual practice and say in substance, this is a new day
This is a moving moment everything that is within me is bigger than anything has ever been created thus far
Live it! Rise up and with a great tsunami of excellence
and joy, take over
my existence and my entire life!
I feel like every day is the second chance there’s not two as in second. There is perennial. There’s the infinity of second chances
This is a new warning, this is a new day, this is a new beginning!
This moment is a fresh starting point a new beginning for the unfoldment of your life
So when you wake up and you say this is a fresh starting point, it’s a new day, a new moment, a new instant
Everything that is going on previously has nothing on me. I’m free at this moment! You begin to create a frequency
More than what can be seen becomes a signal
Trust that you are capable
Trust that things will get better trust that this too shall pass
Trust that whatever is here
Not only has been put here but is it is something you can deal with. If you survive it
Then there was a reason you learned something, you developed something. You will get better over time even if right now
It sucks. Even if it’s been painful. Even if you’re sad about it
So get out there and take control
of your world by taking control
of yourself!
Begin to think about yourself in a new way
Begin to feel the gratitude that you have for the things that are already in your life
Begin to feel gratitude for the things that you want to create in your life
Begin to visualize yourself doing the things that you love to do
You see when you become intentional in your life
You don’t accept life
you make life
And the moment that you’re intentional about what you’re going to do, and you’re committed to what you’re going to do
This is this is where everything begins to change in your life
So a life of greatness. What does that mean to me? It means each day I wake up, and I live intentionally
So that each day, I feel like I’m alive vibrant and living. I take challenges. I take risks
I’m living my own life each day. I feel like I’m loving and connecting or doing something through my heart each day
I feel like I’m doing something that matters something that helps other people that makes a contribution.
You never do anything right. It’s all your fault!
How often have you said this to yourself?
You are wonderful. I love you. How often do you tell yourself this?
This is me in my new
MORNING MOTIVATION - Start Your Day Positively! (2018 motivational video)
In this good morning
Allowing myself
more than ever before
to be in the receptive mode the receptive mode
Of everything that I’ve intended
Everything that I’ve asked for
Everything that I put into the vortex all that I’ve become
Full alignment with all that I have become
You want to ask every day how can I grow so at the end of that day
You’re not the same person that got out of bed
You’ve had an insight. You’ve had a revelation
You’ve practiced something new you’ve tried something new so that you have become more yourself. How can I grow today?
I don’t want to be the same person
365 days from today
Everybody has to start somewhere starts with you taking responsibility for you and saying hey
I got to go out and get one little skill at a time. I got a man-up woman up
Don’t get in the habit of being lazy
don’t get in the habit of not doing anything and thinking that it’s okay to just you know put a board here and
Visualize there and talk about what you wanted if you received it.
That’s not enough. You need to get more motivated to really attain what you want
Keep moving keep pushing yourself forward
Otherwise, you become stagnant and when you’re stagnant in life when you’ve got no momentum in life
nothing happens
Do something! Do something
That recalibrates your perspective on what is actually going on here
You can make a decision today, and if you don’t reinforce it tomorrow
You will not have it. Somebody else will have it! Somebody gonna get the prosperity. The question is will it be you?
Keep trying don’t give up! If you still have belief in your heart after all the hardships you’ve had in your life,
I’ll tell you it’s so much easier to believe in yourself and to love yourself because you’ll give yourself a credit
But if you won’t give yourself credit
Nobody gonna is able to do it for you
Every aspect of your life can be full to overflowing
the tremendous love, tremendous abundance, tremendous health
It’s yours already
But we have to open up the door and use the key
Did you live your life, not someone else’s life not the parent’s life, not your spouse’s life
Not your team’s life, not your obligations life
Did you live your life because you got one shot at it, so did you show up and do well?
Friends don’t let one disappointment one loss one bad break cause you to settle. We all go through things
we don’t understand. Life doesn’t always make sense.
The key is you have to pass through
the place of your greatest pain
If you get knocked down bounce up! If somebody next to you gets knocked down help ’em up!
Look inside yourself and find that desire! GO WIN BIG!
Because we’re always looking back,
Reliving the negative we end up carrying around all this baggage that weighs us down.
One of the best things we can learn to do is drop it. Let it go
The best part of your life is right up in front of you!
You have within you what it’ll take for you to go do something great in your life
But you got to get yourself in a positive cocoon where you make some fundamental
decisions in your life
You’re a force of nature!
You’re somebody GREAT! You were put on this earth to make a difference
I’m telling you that the way that you were made the way that you are now is beautiful or handsome
And that you’re enough and that once you can finally acknowledge the fact that you’re enough
That you’re beautiful and gifted and special and made in the image of this higher place, right
That once you can acknowledge that you’re gonna be very very happy all your
Confidence all your happiness all the things you want to achieve in your life
Come from when you understand that you are made perfect the way you are
Doesn’t mean we don’t to improve things in our life and chase the next version of us and all that
But the you that exists now is enough that you have everything within you right now to make your dreams happen to be happy
Seize the moment! Enjoy the moment! Minister in the moment! Do it now!
Don’t don’t somehow think that tomorrow is going to be the time when you go
First thing in the morning and last thing in the evening I want you to look into your eyes and say
I love you!
I really love you, and I accept you exactly as you are
It can be tough at first, but if you stick with it in a short time this affirmation will be true for you.
We even have to remove at some point sometimes our own
Stupid thoughts our own bad actions our own poor habits, and we have to start with the fact
that whether you call it the universe, luck, chance, God
Evolution. spirit, whatever you call it
You’ve been blessed with
That you are alive right now the odds of that is so extraordinarily rare that I really believe loving ourselves
starts from a place of reverence for life.
This is a good day. This is a new beginning