BUSINESS MODEL? Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


alright how’s it going guys today I’m
gonna be talking about the best first
the business model for people who are
looking to make money on the internet and learn how to build a business from
home and that is called affiliate marketing so

What is affiliate marketing?

I have the definition right here

1.affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer
pays a commission to an external website which is which would be you for traffic
or sales generated from its referrals. and then there’s a sentence right there

2.most my earnings are from affiliate marketing direct ad sales and sponsored posts.

so basically
in a nutshell, you’re pushing other people’s products to people who need them and can gain value from using them.

And in return, you’ll get
a commission for each person who you help.

guide towards that product and for
each person who makes a purchase for that product but commissions can range
from you know being a percentage of a sale it could be a dollar amount and you
can even get paid a flat rate for people just signing up to a website.
and those
people don’t have to spend any money all I have to do is sign out so there’s a
there’s a bunch of different ways that companies pay commissions to affiliates
but these are some of the main 3 percentages of the sale dollar amount and
then signups so
Why affiliate marketing?
these are the

top 5 reasons

why I think affiliate marketing is by far the best
the first business model that you can get into if you are looking to make money
online and those reasons are number one.

1.You don’t need any products to sell
which means you don’t have to you don’t
have to buy any inventory or anything
like that
Affiliate Marketing for Beginners learn the most important
skills essential to all businesses and
we’ll get to we’ll get to those
skills later on later on in this video
number three
3. it’s extremely low risk
literally no risk I should
actually, change that till no risk
because there’s literally no risk in
doing this the only the only thing
you’re risking is your time
number four’s easy to grow in scale and
number five’s a hundred percent passive
which means you don’t have to do any
work and the money’s gonna continue to
come in without you literally doing
anything so number one you don’t need
any products to sell you’ll be selling
existing products so you’re not gonna
have to create anything new and you’re
basically gonna be just the middleman
for those products you’re gonna be the
person that’s selling those products to
people who need them
and you’re not gonna have to build you
own brand either because you’re gonna be
leveraging brands that already exist so
say you’re an affiliate for Nike right
you would sell Nike basketball shoes to
basketball players who need them and
then Nike could send you a commission
for 20% of those sales the people the
the person who wants who wants to purchase a
pair of a pair of sneakers already knows
that Nike is a huge brand and all you’re
doing is saying hey look at these
sneakers you should buy these sneakers
and selling this selling those sneakers
to the person who needs them and when
they purchase it through you you’re
gonna get a commission number two you’re
gonna learn the most important skills
for all businesses period when you do
when you do this you’re gonna get tons
of digital marketing experience through
promoting and selling these products to
their target markets and you learn the
funtom at you learn you learn the
fundamentals of digital marketing and
sales through experience and those are
the most important skills that you need
in any business regardless of if it’s an
online business a local shop whatever it
maybe you need to know how to push
products to people get your products
in front of people’s faces and sell
those products to the people who
actually, need them
number three it’s an extremely low risk you
can literally start with zero dollars
you can start with no money if you’re
homeless you can go to it you can go to
the library and you can
begin affiliate marketing and start
making start making sales and start
making money with zero with zero money
upfront there is literally no there is
literally no risk zero risk the only
the thing that you’re risking is your time
you don’t have to handle any customer
service issues or anything like that

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

so someone has for some reason, someone
has a problem with the product that
you that you sell them they’ll take that
up with with the company that that uh
that had that major that made the
product so so let’s go back to the
example of the basketball shoes if you
sell the basketball then the basketball
shoes to someone and for some reason
like they rip or something all they have
to do is they don’t even have to contact
you thought they’ll go they’ll go to Nike
and Nike will handle that because that’s
not even your that’s not your business
you’re not responsible for those shoes
ripping that’s Nikes full so Nikes gonna
handle that you don’t have to invest in
any inventory so like I said zero
dollars to start you can literally make
millions of dollars with zero upfront
investment you do not have to put a
single dime into this and you can make
millions of dollars which is insane this
is an insane opportunity especially for
people that don’t know shit about
selling online or making money online
this is the perfect business model for

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

so there’s your reason why you shouldn’t
pursue affiliate marketing as a beginner
in the online business space number four
it’s easy to grow in scale all you have
to do is offer is get the offer in front
of more people’s faces I mean that is
not hard to do at all there are so many
people who are using the internet every
day and so many people who are looking
for a solution to a problem that they
might be having all you have to do is
provide that solution and get that
solution in front of their face and not
only is that number one going to help
people but it’s

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

number two
is going to put money in your pocket
which is the best um the best type of
transaction you can do and whether it’s
if it’s your goal to make a hundred per
day doing this or 10,000 per day it’s a
hundred percent possible to do it with
affiliate marketing trust me I know I
make anywhere from anywhere from five
hundred to a thousand dollars per day
passively without doing anything from
funnels that I’ve built up ads that I’ve
built up stuff that I built up already
and that money is just coming to me
without me without me doing anything I
can literally I can literally sit on my
ass all day and not do anything and
still that money’s going to continue
coming in because I’ve already built it
up five hundred percent passive like I
just said I could sit on my ass all day
and not do anything and the money is
gonna continue coming in as you can see
on that it with this picture right here
this dude is literally just chillin man
and the money is just continuously
coming in so the works front load but
you put in the work you build you build
up your traffic source you build up your
ads whatever it may be and the income is
going to continue to come in without you
having to do anything at all so an
example with this of this would be you
know YouTube video promoting a brand of
clothes you would record the video once
posted and then the video is there
forever that video is not going anywhere
until you delete it so it’s gonna
continue to get traffic and sales
through your links without you even
lifting a finger which is amazing and
that’s the end of this video guys I
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