welcome to gjm news everyone dreams to have their own car but having a car is also a

great responsibility whether it is the affordable cars or expensive SUVs
they’re pretty much the same when you face extremely difficult terrain today
we’re going to explore some incredible gadgets that will help your car in
various challenging situations so sit back relax and enjoy the post number



1. gadgets for uneven terrain these gadgets help the vehicle to run on the
various challenging terrain the first example is track and go it’s something
that will keep you away from getting stuck in the first place introducing
track and go the world’s best wheel driven track system thanks to this
the incredible invention now you can install four tracks on a vehicle in just 15
minutes while keeping the tires on without any
modifications in the vehicle10 INCREDIBLE CAR GADGETS
it’s rubber tracks make driving your vehicle feel amazingly smooth and
vibration free and not only can you run the vehicle on snow but also in the
absence of snowfall – and the track and go can be installed in various 4×4
pickup trucks and SUV’s roto grips CS is another gadget that will help the
vehicle to run on the various uneven terrain the roto grip CS is developed for
vehicles with a limited mounting space just the lay the chain strands under the
a tire like a carpet and these flexible pre tension Springs rotate whenever the
vehicle moves and helps the tire to get better grips with the ground the roto
grip CS is a cheap and affordable option that you can purchase at anytime number



in today’s life, the vehicle lifting instruments are often required to raise

the vehicle for various repair and maintenance work the trestle jacks are a

great vehicle lifting instrument whenever you need to replace the tire


the brake linings or any maintenance work on a heavy cargo trailer you need
trestle jack this unpowered South African instrument raises the axle

faster than any conventional system it can do the job just in 10 seconds which
is extremely fast the jack uses vehicles movement to raise and lower the trailers
as soon as the jack is in a vertical position and having workload capacity
of 30 to 50 tons another vehicle lifting gadget is ketene e lifting bag at first
sight these cushions look pretty normal but don’t underestimate the power of
these hydraulic lifting cushions it’s an alternative solution of a mechanical
hydraulic lift how does it work well you have to put these cushions under the
wheels I mean those wheels which are flat for their simply no space for them
metal support these sweet pillows are a couple of inches thick and whenever the
air is injected to the pneumatic supply system these pillows can lift cars
and heavy trucks up to six inches that’s enough to help install metal support for
repairing and maintenance


car protecting gadgets are used to

protect your car from all possible damage the first example of a car

protecting gadgets is the hail protector introduced by
10 INCREDIBLE CAR GADGETScompany hail protection a
unique remote-controlled patented technology that can save your car from
the raining of frozen pellets or simply hail from the sky and bad weather the
hail protector consists of two layers where the first layer is secured with
slings while the second layer forms a protective balloon itself which is
inflated by using four valves and a small compressor it also includes an
alarming app for both Android and iOS that alerts the user 30 to 60 minutes
before the possible hail also it protects the car against ultraviolet
rays water resistance and air permeability
Auto fireman is another great invention it is a compact sized automatic fire
extinguisher and can be installed in the engine compartment of a car two or more
fire extinguishers can be installed on any suitable metal surface at two
opposite points by using strong magnet after installation of the device they
are ready to save your life the working principle is simple yet
effective and it detects the high flammable temperature because it’s made
up of a combustible material that instantly lights up and burns after that
they release the chemical reagent in the form of gas that extinguishes the fire
the process is very fast it can extinguish the fire in less than 30
seconds number 4.


the mink is a small and beautifully designed

convenient moving house this moving house on wheels is for those who love

traveling and want to enjoy the freshness of nature and want to do some
adventuring in the wild it is specially created for camping and all about
creating enjoyable memories with 10 INCREDIBLE CAR GADGETSloved ones it can be used almost everywhere
and it has all the necessities like a large sleeping bag to get comfortable in
a mini kitchen to cook tasty meals a Wi-Fi router so that you can watch TTI’s
Posts and in addition it has a sound system socket charging USB ports and LED
number 5.

super grip

introducing this super grip and innovative design

the universal chain from a company put and go the design is simple yet

effective super grip provides you better traction even an extremely difficult
the terrain the question is how the answer is very simpleSUPERGRIP the chain has multiple
innovative designed metallic plate arranged alternately to install it you
have to arrange the super grip over the tire adjust it correctly
moving the car forward then tight the chains so that it remains intact now
you’re ready to go on the slippery roads or even you can drive in Antartica
number 6.


hydraulic deck meet hydraulics the lead deck all aluminum designed
modular vehicle lifter 2 companies Tim VulcanHYDRAULIC DECK and southwester collaboratively
developed this incredible modular lifting machine that can be installed on
trucks cargo area this astonishing invention has a lifting capacity of
4,000 pounds that’s enough power to lift various types of off-road vehicles
without any problems and it can lift nearly everything safely and securely at
the push of a button the whole process takes less than half a minute that’s amazing.

Number 7.


whenever your car’s tires get flat and you get some trouble then don’t worry
meet air-hawk a revolutionary automatic cordless tire inflator it is the most

convenient and time-saving way to fill up your tires how does it work well it


pulls the outside air and then compresses it into the tire compared to
the traditional large bulky air compressors or the handheld pump this
a device is fast easy to use and extremely convenient other than that this
innovative device can digitally detect the air pressure as well as inflate the
footballs air balloons pool toys and camping air mattresses fortunately this
robust durable tool costs over 100 dollars.
number 8.

FLIR Path-FindIR

the Fleur
Pathfinder which works with the help of infrared sensors which has to be
installed at the front of the car FLIR Path-FindIRthe thermal imaging sensors are accurate
enough to even distinguish between birds in the air with humans or animals on the
road primarily it provides you a great night vision, as a result, many lives can
be saved during car driving and rural areas.
number 9.

many people face difficulties

during parking and driving and the rivers gear in those situations

children have lost their lives worldwide introducing the look at an innovative rear
the vision system that helps the driver to see rearview with the help of grid line
calibrations this compact gadget is smart simple safe and compatible with
iPhone and Android with the fast wireless connection that means no
complicated wiring and no need to drill holes activating the device is as simple
as pressing a button.
number 10.


turbo blade cleaning the car takes time and if you want the ultimate perfection

to shine your car then meet the turbo blade an innovative car dryer that can

drive the vehicle in a more time efficient manner it has a futuristic

design with a flattened özil which Turbobladehorizontally directs the strong airflow

it’s a rechargeable device which takes two hours to fully charge on a single
charge it can drive three cars by utilizing the lowest amount of energy
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